Request for information about birds with tracking devices

A correspondent from the CartoPhilatelic Society noted that the recent joint issue of Bulgaria and Israel featured a White Stork with a satellite/gps tracker on its back. He has asked if we know of any other stamp where a bird has a similar device.

Update: 14/12/2016: A correspondent in Germany informed me that the White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) on Germany's 2004 stamp was a famous long-distance migrant named "Princess", and the story of her and the stamp may be found here (in German). The bird is clearly ringed, but any tracking device on its back would be out of view. This bird and stamp is featured on the German Wikipedia!

Update: 9/01/2017: A correspondent in France informed me of a few issues from TAAF that are relevant to this topic, two of which use the ARGOS System.

  1. 1991 Wandering Albatross
  2. 1998 King Penguin and
  3. 2012 Adelie Penguins using RFID
  4. .

Update: 28/3/2017: I just spotted another ARGOS one from TAAF issued in 2012. King Penguin.

Update: 31/3/2017: Here's another one from the Falkland Islands. Rockhopper Penguin.

If you can share any further information about this topic, please let me know

Added 25  September, 2016