Malaysia Non-issue 2013

Set of 6

Malaysia announced in October, 2013 that it would release several stamps to celebrate the "Visit Malaysia 2014" campaign. This sheet of six stamps featuring birds was part of the proposed issue. The middle stamp on the top row was supposed to show White-fronted Falconet (Microhierax latifrons), but the image was adapted from this photograph of a Long-tailed Shrike (Lanius schach) taken in the Philippines. The photographer objected to use of his work, particularly as it was incorrectly labelled, so the issue was quietly dropped, which meant that collectors were deprived of the first Bristlehead to appear on stamps: Bornean Bristlehead (Pityriasis gymnocephala).

The misuse of the shrike's photograph provoked a news item in Malaysia.

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Added 3 August 2015