Monk Parakeets on Uruguay stamp issued in 1996
$4.00 issued in 1996
Monk Parakeets
Close up view

I recently obtained this stamp from a dealer in Uruguay. I had previously overlooked the stamp, as it had not been sent to me with my regular supply of new issues, the birds being only a minor feature. The stamp is not listed in Collecting Birds on Stamps or the Domfil catalogue, but it is listed on Kjell Scharning's site.

Kjell lists the species as Monk Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus), but I was surprised by the amount of blue on the breasts. However, the scene does undoubtedly show this species which is unique among parrots in building enormous communal nests. There is a fine illustration of the species in Parrots of the World

There are several web references to the Spanish naturalist, Felix de Azara, which may be found with search engines such as Google. Similarly there are many references to Communal Nesting of Monk Parakeets. Surprisingly, escaped birds have formed colonies in Brussels, Belgium!

Added 19th  June, 2003