Montagu's Harrier on Togo stamp issued in 1967
20F issued in 1967
Montagu's Harriers
Eric Hosking's photograph of a Montagu's Harrier
193 crest
Detail of Montagu's Harrier on 20F issued in 1967

This stamp was issued 18 August, 1967, with two others of the same design in a set which included 5 other stamps. I do not remember getting this stamp, but as it has been cancelled to order, I suppose it was in a cheap packet I bought soon after taking up the hobby. I did not include it in my collection because the distribution map I had then did not show it wintering in West Africa. I now have a more authoritative map in Ferguson-Lees' "Raptors of the World" which shows it wintering in sub-Saharan Africa which includes northern Togo.

At about the same time as I acquired this stamp, I bought Eric Hosking's autobiography, "An Eye for a Bird". In this I noticed the similarity between the left harrier on the stamp and the photograph of a Montagu's Harrier opposite page 111, reproduced above. The caption informs us that the image was used as the crest for the RAF's 193 Squadron, as shown above. I suspect that the photograph was taken at Hickling, Norfolk in England during the early 1940s.

Added 9th  March, 2003