St Pierre et Miquelon 1987 Ducks
Natural heritage, Le Grand Barachois
Ducks swimming Ducks in flight
The French territory of St Pierre et Miquelon has issued some fine stamps over several years where birds have been a major feature, often named in French or scientifically. Recently, we have been treated to a fine series of single issues showing migratory birds.

However, there have been some issues which have presented a few problems. In 1987, a strip was issued with a pair of stamps joined by a label showing a tern. The right stamp shows a small group of Canada Geese swimming.

The left stamp featured here shows 3 ducks which have apparently just taken to flight from the water, with two more resting on the water. The swimming birds are rather too small to be sure of their identity. The flying birds look like surface feeding duck because of the angle of their flight. They are very dark, except for white under wings: two good features of American Black Duck (Anas rubripes). This species is common in the north-east of North America, and I suggest the birds on this stamp are this species.

Image from Robbins' 'Birds of North America'

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Added 19 June, 2001