Note Regarding the Second Species of Ibis with the Sacred Ibises on the Rwanda 1975 34F

This note concerns the set of 8 issued by Rwanda in 1975. I have never seen any discussion about the bird in the foreground of the 34F stamp, which is always described as showing only Sacred Ibis (Threskiornis aethiopicus) 24-1.


Detail from the stamp


As can be seen from the stamp, the bird in the foreground is obviously not the same as the pair in the distance. It has a creamy white crest giving a ragged neck appearance. What we can see of its body is olive green. Its head appears to be without feathers and looks like dark brown wrinkled skin with a slight tinge of green.

 After checking ibises in my field guides, I decided that this was probably the Olive Ibis (Lampribis olivacea) 24-11. The description in the "Field Guide to the Birds of West Africa" by Serle, Morel and Hartwig (1977) is brief. It is compared with the Hadada Ibis (Hagedashia hagedash) 24-13. It is similar in size but distinguished by its long crest. In the "Field Guide to the Birds of East and Central Africa" by Williams (1963) there is a similarly brief comparison with the Hadada Ibis - "slightly larger with a crested head".

 Now that I have seen a picture of the Olive Ibis in the "Checklist of Birds of Eastern Africa" by van Perlo (1995) I think that I may have been misled by the "crest".

Illustration in the Checklist


Has anyone else tried to identify this odd Ibis? Probable solution.

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Chris Gibbins (#4)
Norwich, UK
15th September 1998