Georgia Wildlife 1995

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Set of 16

I first saw this interesting set on the Kjell Scharning's web site, when I realised that there were some species native to Georgia which were missing from my collection. I recently purchased the sheet from Eurofila Ltd and have been able to study it in detail.

Some of the species I have identified are as listed in "Collecting Birds on Stamps", but I think some have been overlooked. Clicking on any stamp will produce an enlarged image together with the birds I have spotted with identifications where possible. A number are "unidentifiable", but if any of you can help with these, or want to dispute some of my observations, please email me.

Updated 8 February 2004 I missed out the Puffin which is mostly on SG 125.

Updated 16 April 2006 The woodpecker on SG 128 identified as Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.

Updated 16 September 2006 Gaétan Duquette has spotted 3 birds I had overlooked, and identified them. They are a female Oxyura sp. which I think is most like a Ruddy Duck on SG 121; a Sooty Gull on SG 125; and a Toco Toucan on SG 132. Additionally, he has identified the curious head in the bottom left corner of SG 127 as an Oilbird.

Added 5 February 2004
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