"Wren" on El Salvador 25c issued in 1990

SG 2131
The top bird is obviously a Scarlet Macaw, but what about the bird below it?
I recently bought El Salvador SG2131/2 for the Scarlet Macaw on the 25c issue, but then I noticed the wren-like bird beneath it. The bill is rather indistinct, but appears to be rather long for the wrens which are illustrated in Irby Davis's "Birds of Mexico and Central America".  Perhaps the image is just too small to be sure of this one.

Does anyone have a suggestion for SG2131?

SG 2163
Rufous-naped Wren
Within hours of this query going online, Ed Binch, a resident of El Salvador came up with the solution: "The wren on the stamp is a really common bird here that everyone is familiar with. In El Salvador it is called a 'guacalchia' in English it is called a 'Rufous-Naped Wren'. (Campylorhynchus rufinucha)".

The same species has already been shown on the 70c of 1991, shown above. 

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