"Buntings" on Central African Republic 140F issued in 1981

SG 805
CBoS lists this as Black-headed Bunting (Emberiza melanocephala) - left bird, and Ortolan (E. hortulana)
 Image of the two buntings as they appear in Austin's Birds of the World.
I've never been happy with the identification of this pair. It is also listed as showing the two buntings in the ATA Handbook 106. I thought that it showed a pair of Lesser Bush Shrikes (Tchagra minuta) but closer examination shows the bill shape does not support this.

Kjell Scharning, a member of the Aves Philatelicae Scandiae, has informed me that Ake Eliasson, in Birds on Stamps, has the same identification as CBoS, referring to Austin, Birds of the World (1962), as the book the painting is taken from.

[Updated 13 June, 1999]
Having been sent a scan of the image on which the design of this stamp has been taken, above right, I can see now why I did not agree with the Buntings identification. The artist has made a few subtle changes. This stamp will not feature in my collection.

Does anyone have a further comments for SG 805?

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