Interesting item from Cabinda
Image from Cabinda National Bank web site Cabinda is a province of Angola, of which it is an exclave. That is, it is not attached to the main country of Angola, but is separated by part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo - see Encarta's map. There is an ongoing attempt to declare Cabinda an independent state, and no doubt these "stamps" are part of this effort. What interests me is that the overprinted stamp appears to be a definitve which could be part of a long series like the recent issue from Zimbabwe. The identification of the bird on this stamp is not easy, but it reminds me particularly of a Whinchat (Saxicola rubetra) though it is rather too red.
Updated 5 November, 2006
The "stamps" were apparently produced in 1999 for Angola. You can see proofs of the set of 12 fauna and flora (4 birds) on Just Wendy Thematics, but this site no longer exists (22/3/2020). I do not know whether these ever made it on to the philatelic market.
Updated 6 November, 2006
The "stamps" did reach the philatelic market, as I was offered them in 1999. I declined the offer because none of the species shown is from Angola. I kept a scan of the returned stamps for reference.
If anyone has any further information about the Angola stamp, please let me know via my e-mail address on my home page.
Added 3  November, 2006