Philatelic Supplies lists these items for Taiwan
Taiwan 1994 Myths & Legends (4v): includes several birds; SG2210-3; Cat.£11.00 4.90
Taiwan 1995 Birds (4v): all ancient engravings; SG2264-7; Cat.£13.50 6.95
Taiwan 2001 Auspicious Stamps (4v);one is Light-vented Bulbul; SG2689-92; Cat.£7.50 4.75
Taiwan 2002 Chinese Crested Terns (10v shtlt) MS2802a:birds nesting area Cat.£17.50 5.50
Taiwan 2002 B.(4v): Yunnan/White-headed Greenfinch;Munia;Vernal P.;SG2823-6;Cat.£10 4.60
Taiwan 2004 Modern Paintings (4v): Painted Bunting; SG2939-42; Cat.£9.00 4.95
Taiwan 2006 Fairy (or Lesser Blue-winged) Pittas (4v shtlt) MS3167: Cat.£6.50 2.20
Taiwan 2008 Birds (1v): Mikado Pheasant; SG3296 3.50
Taiwan 2010 Paintings (2v): Jay - Garrulus glandarius; SG3477-8; Cat.£5.50 3.50
Taiwan 2011 Owls (4v):Long-eared; Oriental Scops; Collared and Tawny Owls;SG3553-6 4.50
Taiwan 2012 Owls (4v): Short-eared; Mountain Scops; Brown Wood; Boobock; SG3632-5 6.25
Taiwan 2012 Ptg "100 Birds" (3v shtlt)MS3677:Scarce! Orange Minervet;Blackbird; etc 8.95
Taiwan 2012 Paintings MS3678: souvenir sheet with 35 different birds Cat.£15.00 5.75
Taiwan 2013 Owls (4v): Tawny Fish-Owl; Collared Scops & Elegant (Lanyu) Scops Owls; Australasian (or Eastern) Grass-Owl; SG3726-9 3.95
Taiwan 2014 Swinhoe's Pheasant (4v): SG3785-8; Cat.£6.80 2.95
Taiwan 2014 Swinhoe's Pheasant MS3789: different designs to above; souvenir sheet 2.90
Taiwan 2015 Folklore (2v): Canada Geese; mythical dragon; SG3892-3; Cat.£6.00 1.80
Taiwan 2015 Folklore (4v shtlt): 2 x (Canada Geese; myth dragon); Cat.£13.00 3.60
Taiwan 2015 Wetlands (2v): Black-faced Spoonbill; Black-winged Stilt; SG3896-7 1.90
Taiwan 2016 Paintings (8v): Vinous-throated Parrotbill; Common Rosefinch; Barn Swallow; Yellow-billed Grosbeak; flora; SG3950-7 5.50
Taiwan 2017 Paintings (8v): Java Sparrow; Eurasian Tree Sparrow; Brambling; 2 more 5.30
Taiwan 2017 Scenes (4v): one is Chinese Crested Terns 3.90
Taiwan 2017 Pheasant-tailed Jacana (4v ahtlt): on nest; water etc 2.40
Taiwan 2017 Pheasant-tailed Jacana SS: souvenir sheet 2.50
List dated June 2018
Prices in GB Pounds

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