Specialist Bird Stamp Sites

Theme Birds on Stamps
Kjell Scharning's online catalogue of bird stamps
The Bird Stamp Society
brings bird stamp collectors together.
Philately with Two Wings
Pascal Paulet's collection of bird stamps of the world in French.
American Topical Association's Biology Unit, dedicated to the international cooperative study of biological postage stamps and related material.
Israeli Birds on Stamps
Dedicated to stamps featuring Israeli Birds.
Birds on the Stamps of Sweden
A list of all the Swedish bird stamps with very good quality images. Most of the site is in Swedish.
J.J.Audubon Paintings on Stamps
Venkat S.Tata's comprehensive site with links to species reports on BirdLife International
Owl Stamps
Part of a large, comprehensive site that also includes the topic of books on stamps. Regularly updated.
Parrots on stamps
Needs Java and is in French.
National Birds of the World
An impressive list by Narena Olliver, of New Zealand Birds, with many illustrated by stamps.
Birds on Stamps: by Malcolm Ogilvie
An introduction to collecting birds on stamps from an ornithologist's view.

General Stamp Sites
Illustrated Stamp Collecting News from every corner of the Stamp World

The Ultimate Guide to Stamp Collecting

The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps.

Basics of Stamp Collecting
Useful ideas for people just starting the hobby.

Fabio's Stamp Resources
Authoritative source for information about postal authorities.

2-Clicks Stamps
Postage stamps collecting directory, stamp collectors philatelic guide.

Worldwide Stamp Catalogues
An overview of published and online stamp catalogues worldwide, per country and thematic.

Encyclopaedia Philatelica
Multilingual encyclopaedia composed from four sections: people, fauna, flora and geography. Picture gallery about iconography, genealogy, history, art and taxonomy.

Other Themes

Horses on Stamps
A free online catalog of postage stamps and other philatelic materials on the topic "Horses".

Vijaya & Venkat Tata's Thematic Page of Indian Stamps
New site showing Indian stamps of various themes, including some useful pages on birds.

A focal point between Paleontology and Philately(Philatelie).
You can find here some information about Palaeontology Science (latest news, science history and development, link to palaeontology related web sites etc.) and its representation of Philatelic items (palaeontologists, fossils, prehistoric animals, dinosaurs, fossils etc.)

Butterflies on Stamps
A free online catalog of postage stamps and other philatelic materials on the topic "Butterflies".

Reptiles on Stamps
Comprehensive site by Nils Boysen featuring reptiles and amphibians with links between species and countries. Distribution maps are excellent.

Maps on Stamps
Web site of the CartoPhilatelic Society.


Philatelic Supplies
Very large stock of bird stamps always up to date.
The largest Internet stamp shop. Very well organised and excellent online ordering system.

A good source for bird stamps from some of the "prolific" African countries.

Other Links

The Bird Stamp Society
If you collect stamps with birds, please consider joining this international organisation.

Review of Domfil's catalogue
A very useful addition to the library of anyone who collects bird stamps.

Account of my holiday in Mallorca
Illustrated with bird stamps.

Auction Sites
Includes a good selection of older sets which can be difficult to find. Can be a good source for new stamps too.

UniSquare Stamps Marketplace
Newly launched marketplace with no listing fees and only a simple, low, flat 2% final value commission fee only if an item is sold. This could become as popular as