Review of the Domfil Bird Stamps Catalogue, 24th Edition
Front Cover
This is a very useful addition to the library of anyone who collects bird stamps. It is a 744-page soft-back measuring 170x240mm produced in Spain and is completely bi-lingual (Spanish and English). The author/compiler, Jordi Domingo I Gimeno, is to be congratulated on producing such a comprehensive catalogue. There are omissions and errors in some of the names, and it is more of a list of stamps with birds than an ornithological work. However, corrections are welcomed, so we can hope for an even better next edition.

One of the most useful features is the use of several catalogue numbers. In addition to Domfil’s own which is based on the year of issue and issue number within the year, the other catalogues used are Yvert, Michel, Scott and Unificato (a new one to me, from Italy). Most of the stamps are illustrated with 30% grey-scale images which means that several of the small ones measure only 5x7mm.

I have reproduced, with permission, a sample page from the catalogue and also a closer view of the top part of the page. The catalogue is available directly from Domfil, and with postage cost me slightly less than £30.

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