Burrowing Owl

Athene cunicularia

Burrowing Owl map

Aruba SG 141 (1994) Detail Bahamas SG 899 (1991) Detail Brazil <<Coruja Buraquiera>> not catalogued (2009) Detail Canada <<Cheveche des terres>> SG 2572 (2008) Detail Cuba <<Sijú de Sabana>> new (2017) Detail Honduras new (2014) Detail Mexico <<lechucita llanera>> SG 2375 (1996) Detail Nevis SG 617 (1991) Detail Paraguay <<Lechuza Terrestre>> SG 1951 (2013) Detail Peru <<Curuja>> SG 1929 (1997) Detail St Kitts SG 56 (1981) Detail United States of America SG 3975c (2001) Detail Uruguay <<Lechucita pampa>> SG 2123 (1993) Detail
90 78-152


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