Blue-winged Teal

Anas discors

Blue-winged Teal map

Antigua SG 2164b (1995) Detail Aruba <<Pato moreke>> SG 908 (2016) Detail Barbuda SG 514 (1980) Detail Caribbean Netherlands <<Blauwvleugeltaling>> new (2019) Detail Cayes of Belize not catalogued (1985) Colombia SG 2243c (2002) Id Cuba SG 1292a (1965) Detail Dominica SG 1940 (1995) Detail El Salvador SG 2449 (1999) Detail Grenada SG 1997 (1989) Detail Guyana new (2021) Detail Montserrat SG 1503d (2012) Detail Netherlands Antilles SG 1631 (2004) Detail St Maarten new (2019) Detail St Pierre et Miquelon SG 425 (1963) Detail St Vincent SG 2193a (1993) Detail Turks and Caicos Is SG 596 (1980) Detail
1 27-108


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