Common Waxbill

Estrilda astrild

Common Waxbill map

Ascension SG 201 (1976) Detail Cape Verde <<Bico-de-lacre>> SG 947 (2005) Detail Central African Republic new (2000) Detail French Polynesia <<Vini>> SG 352 (1981) Detail Mali <<Astrid ondulé>> not catalogued (1996) Detail Mozambique SG 1618a2 (2002) Detail Rwanda <<Astrild ondule>> SG 469 (1972) Detail São Tomé e Príncipe <<Quebla-canan>> not catalogued (1983) ss: angolensis Detail St Helena SG 421 (1983) Detail Swaziland <<Lintjiyane>> SG 633 (1993) Detail
2 3 39 52 193-57


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