Variable Sunbird

Cinnyris venustus

Variable Sunbird map

Chad new (2002) Detail French Territory of Afars and Issas SG 650 (1975) Detail Gambia SG 1026 (1990) Detail Ghana SG 3326a (2002) Detail Ivory Coast <<Souimanga à ventre jaune>> SG 1208 (1999) Detail Liberia not catalogued (2001) Malawi SG 889 (1992) Detail Mauritania <<Souimanga de Falkenstein>> SG 182D (1963) Detail Rwanda <<Souimanga à ventre feu>> SG 471 (1972) Detail Sierra Leone SG 3124 (1999) Detail Zambia SG 732 (1994) Detail Zimbabwe SG 974 (1998) Detail
1 166-88


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