Bearded Reedling

Panurus biarmicus

Bearded Reedling map

Albania <<Trishtili me mustaqe>> SG 1288 (1968) Detail Belgium <<Panure à moustaches/Baardmannetjie>> SG 3701e (2019) Detail Bosnia Herzegovina (Herceg Bosna) <<Zastite mocvara>> SG 172 (2006) Detail Georgia SG 605 (2016) Detail Great Britain SG 2765 (2007) Hungary <<Barkoscinege>> SG 4729 (2004) Detail Lithuania <<Üsuotoji zyle>> SG 1083b (2013) Detail Slovakia SG 325a (1999) Detail Slovenia SG 1417 (2019) Detail Spain <<Bigotudo>> SG 2852 (1985) Detail
1 151-1


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