What I Collect

I collect only those stamps that show birds found in the country of issue. I restrict my collection to only one example of each species from a country except for endemics. For these I collect whatever comes my way.

Often only a few stamps from a set meet these criteria so I have accumulated hundreds of stamps which are outside my collection. By popular demand, I have been adding images of these stamps to the country pages. Moving the mouse pointer over the image will give some information about the stamp, including, for example, 'out of range'. Where a stamp shows a species which is out of range, and there are no other stamps for this species in my collection, then there can be no corresponding link to a species page.

There are several sets of stamps which will never appear on this web site. Examples of these would be the series issued by Tanzania in 1999 showing Japanese birds, and the numerous sets issued by African countries showing hummingbirds.


On the country pages, clicking on the left half of a stamp image will take you to the Clements page for the species, while clicking on the right half would take you to the Howard and Moore page. Where a stamp shows more than one species, its image is divided equally between the species, and each area is a link to the corresponding page. Moving the pointer slowly down the stamp image should reveal the species names. Clicking on the transfer image, , at the top right will switch the listing between date order and Clements species order.